Hungarian GP - Kimi's column

31th July 2007
Like going home. It is always nice to go to Hungary. The circuit is not the most competitive of them all, but it is really challenging. That is for sure. It is also always nice to have a summer vacation after this race. I bet the feeling of going to a vacation is as good as ever, what ever you do. I have won once in Hungary. It is very hot and very demanding race. Only when you win it, you do not suffer there. The last race in Germany went by. I don't want to remind you of that. But I am not traveling to Hungary with a feeling of a looser. Not, really. Last weekend we had a sort of a happening with powerboats in Hanko, Finland. Me and my two friends acted as a crew with a real captain and a real navigator in this sort of a race. We were dressed as gorillas and, by surprise, we were rewarded for the best costumes for a crew. It was a nice day. Real fun. I am looking forward to have a nice weekend in Hungary, too. Everybody keeps talking about Hungary suiting the McLaren car. But I believe Ferrari has taken a big step forward since the Monaco Grand Prix, so it will be very interesting to find out, how competitive we are for this weekend. Hungaroring is such a twisty and slow circuit. So two things, most of all, are really important for this race. You need to have a good turn in and you need to have a good traction. If you got those, you have a strong hand for this game of poker. Obviously, you need to get to the front in the qualifying. And you have to avoid the dirty side of the track in the grid. When you look back through the races this season, it seems the dirty side of the track is a real disadvantage in the starts. On top of that it is very difficult to overtake at this circuit, which makes the qualifying very important. Our position is about the same we had before the European Grand Prix in Nurburgring. Like always we really push hard to win all the races. My target is to finish the race ahead of my three main competitors. In that way we automatically get more points than anybody else and also automatically reduce to gap to them. Clearly we can't afford any more DNF's. But I still believe it is possible to win the championship. You only need to look at the last race and see that anything can happen. It only takes one bad race from my main competitors and the points gap closes very quickly. Many times Hungary has been called as the Grand Prix of Finland. A lot of Finns go to this race every year. It is always nice to see the blue and white flags waving together with the red flags of Ferrari. I suppose it is the nearest I will get to having a home GP - unless Bernie knows something I don't! Hopefully we get the result we are looking for. It is nice to take a break after this race in the middle of the season and charge the batteries for the last - and the most important - part of the season.