Kimi's Management make donation to the Brooke

2nd August 2007
The Brooke is the UK's leading overseas charity dedicated to improving the lives of working animals supporting desperately poor communities where people often live on less than one dollar a day. Over 500,000 suffering animals and three million people relying on them are helped each year by the Brooke, with free vetinary treatment and welfare training for animal owners. More than half the world's population depends on animal power to survive and earn a living, and the Brooke works tirelessy to improve the quality of life for these brave animals, many of them working in the harshest conditions. July is The Brooke's 'Horses In Need Month' and events have been taking place across the country to raise money and awareness of their plight - back-breaking loads carried, often, with little or nothing to eat or drink. The Brooke currently operates in nine countries in Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East, where these animals often form the backbone of struggling economies in the developing world. Every £4.85 given could save a working horse or donkey from suffering and death. Steve Robertson, manager to top Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen, donated £250 to the Brooke to help protect these loyal hardworking horses and donkeys. Mr. Robertson says: "I think it's so important to recognise, in an incredibly privelged western society, that there are still so many people suffering and struggling to earn a living from day to day in developing countries. These communities are almost totally reliant on their horses, donkeys and mules to survive. The animals work for hours with barely any food or water, they develop sores and cuts that get infected with no treatment and collapse from exhaustion and dehydration, and they are still working because there's no other way these people can earn a living. We need to give what we can to make the lives of working animals better, and benefit whole communities relying on them." Please visit for more details on the suffering of working equines worldwide, and how you could help.