European GP - Kimi's column

24th July 2007
Still alive. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand how difficult the motor racing can be. We had a strong weekend in our sights, but we were not able to keep it going until the very end. It was the second DNF for this season. It is a shame, really. It won't kill us, but it certainly won't make our life any easier. Truly. I don't know, what is there, why we always fail to get the races right in Germany. I do really like both those circuits. But it seems that those circuits do not like me. Especially in Nurburgring I have had so many chances to win, but, in the end of the day, something has always gone wrong. I felt after the qualifying we would finally be able to put the bad luck at this circuit behind us. There is nothing I can do about that sort of thing, so I don't spend time thinking about, what might have happened. I will try again next year. We did chase the pole position very hard after the season opener in Melbourne. It was close in Silverstone, but now we finally succeeded in Nurburgring. I was very happy to take my second pole of the season. The car was strong the whole weekend and it all came together for Q3. We had a good strategy for the race, too, but we were not able to show that due to the weather. I had such a good feeling on Saturday evening. Then we heard before the race, that the rain was coming ten minutes after the start. But it came sooner and nobody expected it to rain as heavy as it did. Because the track dries out very quickly we just stuck to our normal set up. The start went well, but because of the rain we were called in after the first lap. Then turning to the pits I was on the white paint while breaking with engine. It was giantly slippery and the car sled back to the circuit. The extra lap was very difficult. I was trying to get back to the pits as quickly as possible and keep the car on the circuit at the same time. But we would have been able to recover while the race was stopped and we started again. The rain had nothing to do with my DNF. We started to have problems while catching Fernando early on then things started to get worse as the engine break. Then traction control was giving me problems, too. Finally we lost all the power because of the hydraulics failure. Obviously I am very disappointed, but that is the way things sometimes go, especially in this business. It certainly did not help our championship challenge - but we never give up. There are still seven races to go and the car is very competitive. We are no any further away from the championship leader and we will fight every inch of the way. Next stop is Hungary. I had pole position there last year and I like that circuit, also. There I have won previously and we have a lot of supporters from Finland, too. I feel the same two teams will be fighting for the win. Now I just relax at home in Switzerland. I am looking forward to celebrating my third wedding anniversary with my wife Jenni before starting our preparations for Hungaroring.