European GP - Kimi's column

17th July 2007
Good feeling. I do not know what it is about Germany, but I have never had any luck there during my entire Formula One career. I have always been competitive both in Nurburgring and Hockenheim, but something always happened to stop me from winning. Hopefully I can put that right this time around with Ferrari. Now we go to Nurburgring where I had a podium finish after my first race there with my former team. A couple of times I had to stop while leading the race - and go home with bad feelings. I like the place. Previously it was a home race for us. This time it is a normal race for the team. Probably it means a little bit more peaceful preparation while not having so much promotions to do. It was nice to have a short break after two back-to-back races and the test in Spa. It is always nice to take a break after a win. So there is always something good to think about. I enjoyed time back at home in Finland with the family and friends just chilling out and training. The Finnish summer is always something else. After Silverstone we tested in Spa. The car felt even better there. We are making small improvements all the time. We got through most of the program, but, as always at Spa, the weather plays also the part of its' own. Nurburgring is an entirely different sort of a track, but with the improvement the team has made over the past two Grand Prix I expect to be very competitive also there. The fans, obviously, expect us to win again after the good results in Magny-Cours and Silverstone. But - like always - I would never predict anything beforehand. We just go there, do our very best and then wait and see where we finish. While having a strong car, it should be enough to fight for the victory. Obviously it is an important race for Mercedes, being their home Grand Prix, but I am really looking forward to racing for Ferrari. And hopefully taking that elusive win at the European Grand Prix, also. McLaren will be our main opponent and I presume, it will be like that until the very finish of the season. There are only two teams, that have won races this year and I feel there will be the same teams fighting for the win again. We do our very best that Ferrari will be coming out on the very top. It is exciting for me to be there with Ferrari. Somehow I have a feeling that Michael won there almost every time. Never mind what we did, at the end of the day the red car of Michael was there to take the checkered flag first as a winner. We are starting the second half of the season so the pressure naturally gets more intense for everybody in the championship hunt. There is no use to make predictions of the championship. We are still far behind, but there are races enough to catch the leaders. Our main focus is, obviously, to reduce the gap little by little and do it again on this Sunday in Nurburgring. The time to start counting the points is, while we go to the last races of the season. Now we just go for it. Also in Germany!