British GP - Kimi's column

10th July 2007
Sweet double. Sometimes it feels pretty strange to race in Formula One. A couple of weeks ago it seemed that no one gave us any change to fight for the championship. Now after two successive victories under our belts it seems that they cheer us like kings-to-be. At the end of the day nothing has changed. Except that now I feel happy. Of course. It was great to win in Magny-Cours and it was great to win in Silverstone again after just eight days. We had got very close a couple of times before in both circuits, but never had the mission fully accomplished. Something went wrong every time. Now with Ferrari we managed to do it right. Finally. It was especially great to win at Silverstone. It is one of those circuits that I have always enjoyed. I like the circuit, I like the challenge it gives and I like the atmosphere of that place. More important than beating McLaren on it's home soil is that we gained some points in the championship with two wins in the last two Grand Prix. I was annoyed after the qualifying on Saturday. We had a very good strategy and we felt that we had speed to get the pole, also. I just went too wide in that last corner. You can gain time going wide in that place, but not that wide. It was just my mistake and I never can stand making mistakes like that. It was good that it did not cost too much. Our life could have been much easier, but, any way, we manage to recover fine. Those six laps before my second pit stop were the most important laps of the British Grand Prix. I knew from the first pit stop that Alonso had fueled short, so it was important to stay as close to him as possible and then when he pitted to put the hammer down. The car has been quick over the whole weekend so I was confident that we could get the job done, when he pitted. I did encounter some traffic during those laps, but we expected need to pass back markers. It was great to win back to back races. Its what the team and I really needed. The team has done a fantastic job over the last two races to make up the ground. But we all still need to keep working hard to stay ahead of our main competitors. I chilled out with some friends in the UK and traveled back to Zurich the morning after. Now we go to Spa to test the car. We have some new things to try on the car to improve the performance. Next stop is Nürburgring. I have always liked the circuit. It is a great challenge for the drivers with some fantastic corners. I would like to make it three wins in a row especially at that circuit. Like Magny-Cours and Silverstone Nürburgring is one of those places where I never had it fully right with my former team. We are only halfway through the season and you can see how the performance advantage swings from one team to another in the first half of the year. Hopefully Ferrari can keep the advantage and I can keep winning. Then we will see what it brings at the end of the championship.