British GP - Kimi's column

4th July 2007
The patience was rewarded. Winning is always nice. It never happens too early or too late. It was, obviously, a long time ago we won in Melbourne. Now we finally got everything right in Magny-Cours. It is a relief, for sure. It does not really change anything, but for the whole team it was good. Our life is a little bit easier for now on. Everybody can feel more relaxed while knowing that our persistent work has been successful. We are heading for the right direction. I was asked how painful it has been to loose so many races in a row. But it was not that painful, really. While we knew all the time what caused the problem and we were able to work to improve the things, we were confident that the result will come at the end of the day. Like it did. I have had no doubts that I could have lost my skill of driving. There has never been even a slightest doubt of my motivation or of my confidence. It was just a question of getting everything right with the whole package. It was a real good car already in the Indy race, but it did not work out exactly right. Magny-Cours just proved that our feeling was right. Now we have the car to fight for the victories. Winning the opening race in Melbourne did not give us a wrong picture. We knew that the problem was there, although the car worked well in that circuit. I was asked after The French Grand Prix that are we now back where we were in Australia. Hopefully we are, but I really do not know. The next race in Silverstone will tell more. The most important issues last weekend were to qualify well enough, then to get a good start and get there behind Felipe. We both knew each other's fuel loads so we both also knew what it took to get the lead after the last pit stops. It was close, but it worked out well for me. Now we go with good feelings to promote the new Fiat 500 in Turin on Wednesday and from there we carry on with the team to Silverstone. I think it was a good timing for our first 1-2 result just after celebrations of Ferrari's 60 years. Of course the team expects us to get the same kind of a result from every race. Silverstone is such a nice circuit to race. I have always liked it. Now before Magny-Cours we had a very strong test there. If we get all the parts we tested there to the car, Ferrari will be even more competitive next weekend. I would not draw any conclusions from the gap between Ferrari and McLaren. I guess that it depends a lot on the circuit how well these cars go. We were behind McLaren at Indy, but in France it did the opposite and we were ahead. That is why it would be just a waste of energy to think beforehand which team might be leading in Silverstone. We have to wait and see how it goes there from Friday on. We know that we are working to the right direction. I have now a very good feeling with the car. It feels just great to get back to racing again just after a couple of days, while the last weekend was so good. Hopefully see you in the podium again!