French GP - Kimi's column

26th June 2007
Filled with hope. It was a great week. We had a good test in Silverstone. The car felt much better than it did during the American tour. I'll go to France filled with hope. Last weekend we celebrated the success of the 60 year-old Ferrari. It was a marvellous show. It was the first time I got an experience like that. It was just great feeling to be part in something as big as Ferrari. It is a shame that I have not been able to bring better results so far in this season. We aim at the best results every time with the team, but it has been quite a while since we got what we were looking for. The test in Silverstone was very important as we had some new parts to test. I feel it was a positive step, but to truly find out if we made a real step forward - relative to our competitors - we must wait until Magny Cours. Now I feel, more than I did before, that this year it is so important to get to the front row, because it is very difficult to follow other cars. I have suffered from that too many times during the races. I am feeling now more confident with the car. We certainly had a good balance in the last race so let us hope we can carry that into the next two races. Like always, you never know what the other teams are doing in testing. We will see in Magny Cours, did we catch McLaren or are they still ahead of us. Obviously McLaren is the big question mark, but we are full of confidence to get the good results. Magny-Cours is a very smooth track with a mixture of fast and slow corners. You need a good aerodynamic package to help in the fast corners - with good traction out of the slow corners. I have never won there, but I like the circuit. It is challenging to race there. Five years ago it was quite close. I was leading the race, but then something happened and I lost to Michael. I am not one of those drivers that dwells on things. I would really like to win there too. Hopefully it will be a different story this year. It has not been confirmed if this race will be taken off the calendar next year. On a positive note, Formula One is visiting some new exciting places next year, Valencia and Singapore to mention just two. For a racing driver it is always nice to get to new circuits where nobody has raced before. We are seven races into the championship and its important to close the gap to our main competitors as soon as possible. Let's see what happens but I will give it my best shot.