United States GP - Kimi's column

19th June 2007
A lot of home work. The tour in North America is over and we've got a very rough week ahead of us. Obviously we've got more home work to be done than a doctor orders. But we are very focused to get everything right. For sure, nobody in this team will ever give it up. We have a very important test in Silverstone heading for next back-to-back races in France and Britain. I got a busy programme with the test day on Wednesday followed by promotional work at the weekend in the programme. Well, what can I say about Indianapolis? Of course, I expected much more than nine points from Canada and USA. Nine points is better than nothing, but after the race on Sunday I felt like I've got even less, because our main contenders collected much more. The leaders are now more further in front of us and that, really, was not the plan. Of course I am disappointed. We have lost ground in the championship. But it is not over and things can turn around very quickly. That makes motor racing so exciting. You never know what will happen next moment. The fight will go on. The season is reaching the halfway point and the pressure on us all is growing all the time. Sooner or later also the pressure will hit Hamilton and we will see how he is able to deal with it, while he is now the leader of the pack. We lost points especially because of our performance in the qualifying and then at the starts. It is clear that McLaren have taken a step forward in the last three races. They seem to be able to get heat in their tyres which gives them more grip on the first lap. During the last two races I have started on the dirty side of the track which did not help. On top of that I started at Indy with the hard tyres whilst my main competitors started on the soft. That aside it is still something I need to improve as it is making life very difficult when you loose positions at the start. I did not get a good start and lost out on two positions. You loose a lot of time during the early stages when stuck behind cars in the middle of the pack when the leaders have clear air. However, when I did manage to pass both Heidfeld and Kovalainen I was able to push. The car was well balanced enabling me to get fastest lap en-route. Obviously when you are behind your teammate during the closing stages a driver does not want to risk too much. Now we test at Silverstone with some new parts to try. Hopefully we can close the gap. One thing is for sure. We really need now better results in Magny-Cours and Silverstone than we got in North America. A lot depends on the test this week. Hopefully everything finally will go according to our plan.