Kimi Räikkönen was born to race. From his very first seat time in a pedal kart at the tender age of three, he showed a passion and talent for speed. Whether it's a Formula One car, roadcar, motorbike, kart, pushbike, snowmobile or pair of skis - Kimi has only one speed: flat out.

Kimi's sky-rocket rise to Formula One World Champion was dramatic. His graduation to Formula One direct from Formula Renault redefined fast track career progression; to this day no driver in history has made such a sensational entry. From his very first Grand Prix with Sauber, Kimi made an impression on both drivers and fans, and not long into his rookie season McLaren made a successful bid to sign Kimi on a five year contract. For Kimi, this was not enough and with fame in his sights he joined Ferrari, the most illustrious name in Formula One.

The 2007 season was one of the most exciting battles in history, and Kimi's fight to win the drivers' title was an international hit. 2008 was marred by bad luck which hampered his title defence, despite finishing third in the championship and winning the DHL fastest Lap Award. 2009 was marked by a historic victory at Spa in a year when the established teams struggled due to new regulations.

2010 marked a new challenge for the Flying Finn; a move to the World Rally Championship where he competed for a second season in 2011 doing what he does best; breaking the speedometer and making sure his co-driver had a change of underwear.

Kimi returned to Formula One for the 2012 season, signing a two-year contract with the popular Lotus team. His return proved without doubt that he hadn't forgotten how to drive an F1 car. He was the only driver to finish every race and scored points in all but one; his season including seven podiums, a historic win in Abu Dhabi and third in the drivers' championship. It marked a highly successful and much longed-for return to the F1 cockpit, reigniting the passion of the Iceman’s fans across the globe.

Now Kimi has returned to the Prancing Horse for 2014, and expectations are high; but Kimi’s fans are a loyal as ever and know that the laconic Flying Finn will deliver the goods both on and off the grid.

And remember: leave him alone, he knows what he’s doing.