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Abu Dhabi GP - Qualifying

Kimi secures the third place on the grid for tomorrow's race.

Yas Marina - A breathtaking final lap resulted in a third place come the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying for Kimi Raikkonen today. The Finn set his best lap of the weekend ...

28th November 2015

Abu Dhabi GP - Practice

Kimi Raikkonen: "It was a normal Friday, everything worked apart from some difficulties with the Supersoft tires in the long run. Maybe the lap times could have been a bit better on the single lap, but overall it was not too bad. I haven’t seen the data fr ...

27th November 2015

Brazilian GP - Race

Kimi Raikkonen: “Not much happened in my race today: the start was kind of ok, I had some wheelspin but I managed to keep the position and I could follow Seb down the corner. We had enough speed to keep the fourth position easily, but I had hoped to have a ...

15th November 2015

Brazilian GP - Qualifying

Kimi: “I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy but you know, today it was not too bad. I went sideways in the last lap in turn 11 and this also affected the run into the last corner. So the end of my lap was not ideal and I lost time, but apart from that ...

14th November 2015

Brazilian GP - Practice

Kimi: “In general, the two sessions were quite confusing: a lot of things happened and I don’t think we have got a clear picture. In the morning we spent the first half an hour to do some aero testing, then we had one run followed by a small issue with the ...

13th November 2015

Mexican GP - Race

Kimi Raikkonen: "About the accident with Bottas, there are always two different ways to look at things, everybody can have their own view, but to be honest I did not expect a much different end result. It’s racing in the end, but I think I was expecting th ...

1st November 2015

Mexican GP - Qualifying

Kimi: “This morning we had a problem with the car in P3, and we had to change the engine and the gearbox. It was a very tight call to put everything back together, but the guys did an excellent job to make the car ready for Q1 in that small lapse of time a ...

31th October 2015

Mexican GP - Practice

Kimi: “It was quite a tricky day, the layout of the track is ok but the new surface was very slippery. The cars were sliding around and sometimes you felt more like being in rallying than in Formula One! The tires are a bit on the conservative side but i ...

30th October 2015

United States GP - Race

“The first part of the race was more or less ok: the car felt pretty good all the time, I had the speed and I was able to fight with other cars. After the tires change I made a mistake, I pushed a bit too much, the rear end got loose, so I went off and hit ...

25th October 2015

United States GP - Qualifying

Kimi: “The weather conditions today were very similar to yesterday morning, but then they got worse and in some places it was a bit more difficult. It’s a shame we couldn’t run the Q3. It looks like the weather it’s clearing up, hopefully we can run a norm ...

25th October 2015

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