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Singapore GP - Race

Kimi: "It was a good and solid race, the car was behaving well and we had a pretty good speed. Obviously it was very difficult to overtake, but at one point Hamilton made a mistake and I managed to pass him, then after the pit stop he got the position back ...

18th September 2016

Singapore GP - Qualifying

Kimi: "Today we got more or less what we could from our car. Obviously it's a bit disappointing given where we finished, but this is a tricky place. The fifth position is not ideal, but I was pretty pleased with my first lap in Q3 and the car was handling ...

17th September 2016

Singapore GP - Practice

Kimi: "The first practice session was tricky, I struggled a little bit, but the second practice was good: everything worked and the car was handling pretty well. Here in Singapore, if you get the car right, it’s a lot easier to go faster. Today we had quit ...

16th September 2016

Italian GP - Race

Kimi: "I think that today we were closer to our rivals than we expected after qualifying. Obviously we were on different tactics, but we did the correct things, the right choice with tires and the fastest race we could. We had a pretty good speed but we w ...

4th September 2016

Italian GP - Qualifying

Kimi: "Today we did the best we could and got the most out of the car. For sure we would have been more satisfied with the first row, but this is the maximum we could We have to be happy with what we did knowing our limits, but obviously our aim is to ...

3rd September 2016

Italian GP - Practice

Kimi pleased with first feeling "but there are things to improve"

"The morning ran smoothly and the first practice session was pretty good. The second one was a bit messy with the new tires and the yellow flags, but overall it was not too bad ...

2nd September 2016

Belgian GP - Race

Kimi: "After the start, at the first corner, Sebastian didn't see that there was another car on the inside: he expected me to turn but I couldn't, so I found myself stuck in the middle with nowhere to go. We ended up touching each other and this was pretty ...

28th August 2016

Belgian GP - Qualifying

Kimi: So far it has been a decent weekend, the car was behaving well today and we had the speed. My first run in Q3 was very good, but I went sideways and off track. The second attempt was even better, but in the last chicane I had some slight understeer a ...

27th August 2016

Belgian GP - Practice

Kimi: "In the morning the feeling with the car was pretty good, but then in the afternoon, when I put the Supersofts on, I struggled to put a good lap together and I kept running off the circuit. For the long run we changed some things but I was still stru ...

26th August 2016

German GP - Race

Kimi "It was a very quiet and boring race, nothing much happened. At the start I had some wheelspin and lost one position on Sebastian. With new tires the car felt pretty ok but then I was starting having understeer and oversteer, as basically we lacke ...

31th July 2016

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